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Natural Activities to Keep Your Newborn Happy and Healthy

Once you get accustomed to continual feeding and sleepless nights, your little one finally gets into a usual routine. During your baby's development stages, you gradually find your baby being a lot more interactive and playful. After thoroughly scrutinizing the newborn growth and movement, our YazzyBoa company has come to a few conclusive facts that every parent must understand. Our baby growth symptoms and tummy time fun tactics will help you understand your little one better. So here we begin…

Smile - The Curve that Sets Your Baby Right

As soon as your baby starts catching the pace of growth, he develops his social smile. This phase is probably the biggest and happiest milestone for all the parents. But how can you keep that smile more interactive and responsive? During these days, take her on your lap and be more interactive with her. Throw your smile at him and keep him constantly engaged with your words and giggles. That's how your baby learns to smile back and tries to utter a few interactive words.

Time for a Bedtime Story

After the entire day activities, the last thing your baby would require is a sound and long-term sleep. Most parents often get a hard time to get their babies into uninterrupted sleep. Nothing to worry about if you're one of them and having trouble with your baby's sleep.Read a bedtime tale to him that will take your little one into a different world. Babies usually respond quickly to fantasies. So ensure that your bedtime stories are effective, simple, and capable of letting your baby dream about it. This way your baby fall into a deep and uninterrupted sleep that keeps his mind and body refreshed.

A Perfect Tummy Session

Spending a lot of time on the tummy strengthens your baby's neck muscles and backbone. Put a blanket on the floor and let him lie straightaway on his tummy. However, you have to ensure that his face doesn't get hurt by any toy or the blanket.Now sit back and let him move his head from the side by side while trying to lift it alongside. The tummy session timing should gradually be increased from five minutes to half an hour. Additionally, make sure to repeat the session for at least three times a day.

Playful Tummy Activities Strengthening Your Bond with Your Newborn

Your newborn constantly tries to connect with you through smiling, gurgling, and cooking on hearing your voice. Here are a few tips that our YazzyBoa company has decided to provide to every parent for keeping every baby's smile worthwhile.

Sing Along with Your Little One

On seeing your baby developing a bit of maturity, sing or recite nursery rhymes while clapping his hands gently. Remember, whatever you sing to his ears are the only melodies to him, as your voice is the most important noise to your baby.

Let Him Recognize Himself

Newborns gradually grow maturity while being intrigued by mirrors. This is the time when your baby starts realizing his existence and face structure. Make your baby stand in front of an unbreakable mirror and communicate with him while pointing out his nose, ears, and eyes.

Colorful Toys for Melting His Heart

Tummy time can be the real fun session for your baby and adding up a few vibrant toys makes it even more interesting. As a matter of fact, newborns love bold colors even though catching them isn't always their cup of tea. In that case, bring on a number of toys with music and light. In fact, toys that move from one side to another can really help in your baby's movement. However, you must ensure that these are not being extra-stimulating for your baby. So go ahead and watch her having fun with her bright and engaging playthings.

Track His Movement

The focus should be enhanced right from childhood itself. Therefore, lie down your baby on the floor and hold a vibrant and big toy in front of his eyes. Now move it gently round and round to let his little eyes follow your moves. Try the same activity at least twice a day to sharpen your baby's focus.

Make Diaper Changing a Fun

Babies usually hate the diaper changing moments and start fussing over it every time you go for it. The situations can be avoided easily once you understand your newborn's liking and preferences.If your little one is quite responsive to songs, make eye contact and sing a song while changing diapers. You can also do the same while pointing out his different body parts and explaining your actions constantly. This way they get distracted with your words and ignore the mess.

Remember that Your Every Action Counts

You must not forget that your every little action is slowly changing your baby's perception towards everything. So make your every move worthwhile while ensuring your newborn's participation in it. Yazzyboa offers quality and comfortable baby products to keep the newborns safe and sound. We ensure zero irritation and create a happy environment for your baby. So no further obstacle can restrict his growth and happiness.