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  • YazzyBoa Portable Changing Pad
    YazzyBoa Portable Changing Pad
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From Lisbon to the World - " De Lisboa Para o Mundo"

YazzyBoa was born when two people fell in love in the beautiful city of Lisboa.

From that love, a baby girl was born, our princess Yasmin.

We decided to mix both names, of our city and our daughter, and the result couldn't be better...


The brand comes from our needs and experience as new parents, and also the desire to provide the best to our daughter.

Our mission is to give life to your dreams, because here:

it's all magical!


This is a must have item!! I’ve had different styles throughout the years but this diaper clutch from YazzyBoa is my favorite. It is the perfect size overall- when folded together and size of changing pad and pockets. I can tell quality and care has been given to the creation of this product down to the stitching.

MxK (Verified Amazon Buyer)

The design is mature and discreet, plus the changing area on the inside is soft and plush. Kudos for the personal touch and creative name of the product. Great looking family. Makes a perfect gift for 1st time mothers and expecting parents.

Joshua Porter (Verified Amazon Buyer)

This is a very well made diaper changing pad! I love that it looks like a clutch. Now that my daughter is a little older I don’t need to take the whole diaper bag when we leave the house- a few diapers in my purse is enough. This clutch/changing pad is exactly what I needed

M.o.D (Verified Amazon Buyer)

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